Wis. Transportation Dept. Warns Of Deer Crossing Roadways

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation advises motorists to use caution on roadways throughout the next several weeks.  October and November are the peak months for deer related crashes, and are also known as the “rutting” period, where bucks are on the move pursuing potential mates.  In 2018, Wisconsin law enforcement agencies reported 20,177 deer/vehicle crashes, which led to 515 injuries and four deaths.  All of the deaths were motorcyclists. The Wisconsin Department Of Transportation has offered the following tips to avoid deer crashes and motorist injuries: Slow down, eliminate all distractions, and make sure all vehicle occupants are buckled up.  If you see one deer cross in front of you, be on the lookout for more.  One long blast from your vehicle’s horn could frighten the deer away. If you are unable to avoid a collision, brake firmly and stay in your lane. Don’t suddenly swerve, which can result in a loss of vehicle control and a more serious crash.