Unusual Arrest

Police in Menomonie say a man they arrested was printing fake checks and had a slew of fake identification.

Menomonie police say on Sunday, June 7, Ronald Lee Jenkins, 38, was arrested at a truck stop in Menomonie.

Police say a search of Jenkins’ vehicle turned up 36 different forms of ID, 53, financial cards, 65 personal checks and 10 payroll checks with different account information on each one.

Authorities say it appears Jenkins was making IDs from Minnesota and Iowa along with different checks.

In the trunk of his car police say he had a small generator, printer, laptop, paper trimmer, laminating machine and blank sheets of personal checks and payroll checks.

Jenkins was arrested and is being held in the Dunn County Jail. Police said Jenkins had Pennsylvania license plates.

Court records show Jenkins, from St. Paul, was charged on Monday. He is charged with one count of taking and driving a vehicle without consent, four counts of misappropriating ID info – obtain money, one count of improperly possessing a credit card scanning device and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.

A $1,500 cash bond was set for Jenkins which he signed on Tuesday. A preliminary hearing is set for June 11 at 2 p.m.