Theft By Contractor

A 27-year-old Trego man has been charged with six counts of theft by contractor in Polk County.

Court records show Eric Falstad has been charged with theft by contractor (>$10,000-$l 00,000), three counts of theft by contractor (fr. person/ corpse), theft by contractor (>$5,000- $10,000) and theft by contractor (>$2,500$5,000).

The criminal complaint says the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection gave a referral that Eric Faistad and/or Top Notch Exteriors received payments for work but did not pay for materials or follow through with contracted services.

Faistad told investigators that “he intended to repay everyone, but there is a long line of people who want money”, also noting that he is unable to find work because of all the complaints.

Faistad is scheduled to appear in court next on June 15.