Sex Crimes In Dunn Co

A Menomonie man has been charged in Dunn County for child sex crimes that took place in 2019.

Court documents show 29-year-old Dustin Tibbetts has been charged with sexual assault of a child under 16 and child enticement.

The Dunn County criminal complaint says the victim told law enforcement that she is 15 and had been at Tibbetts’ house when “she had an incident” with him. The victim continued to tell officials that Tibbetts was teaching her self-defense moves,* which she really liked. She said there was a time where Tibbetts pushed her against a wall and started to kiss and bite her neck, and another time where he shut off the light and had sex with her. He also gave her a pack of Monster, Bluetooth headphones, leather pants and $100 cash.

When interviewed, Tibbetts admitted to having a “sexual relationship” with the victim but said it was never sex or sexual intercourse, only foreplay.

Tibbetts is scheduled to appear in court for an initial appearance on Jan. 9.