Next Two Months

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren says the league continues to gather health and safety information and other important data as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shut down sports. Warren, who took over his duties in January, says the next two to three months of data gathering will be critical in the near-term future plans of the Big Ten as a sports league. Warren says a Big Ten task force studying emerging infectious diseases is not only monitoring the situation, but also actively researching for ways to make sure things can get better. He says there are many questions that have to be answered over the next 45-to-60 days that will help them craft a plan for this fall, as well as into next year. He says he will lean on medical and health experts and let the facts they gather and the research they conduct guide and dictate his policy decisions, saying he will not make decisions based on emotions. Warren says the entire goal is to make sure the student-athletes of the Big Ten are safe when they return to classes and activities. Warren worked in the Minnesota Vikings front office prior to taking over his Big Ten role.