June 2018 Railroad Crash Due Caused By Engineer

A recently released investigation report of a collision of two Canadian National trains near Weirgor, 33 miles south of Hayward, on June 16, 2018, identified the most likely cause as “failure to comply” with signal indicators by one of the engineers.  This means an engineer was being told by signal lights to slow the movement of his train, but he failed to do so.  The report was completed by the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Railroad Safety Accident and Analysis.  The accident occurred between two southbound Canadian National trains, each hauling over 100 freight cars.  Two locomotives and four cars were derailed and fire ignited from spilled locomotive fuel.  The report notes that Canandian National estimated equipment damage at $1,048,094 and damage to the track, signal and structures at $153,775 for a total of over $1.2-million in damages.  Two persons, one from each train, suffered injuries.  The report does not include the names of railroad personnel.