Feds Indict 5 For Forced Labor & Human Trafficking In Wis.

Federal prosecutors indicted five people accused of forcing 14 Mexican immigrants to work in farms in Wisconsin “by means of serious harm and threats of serious harm.”  A grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday said the defendants got agriculture work visas under the pretense the immigrants would work in Georgia.  Instead, prosecutors said, the defendants brought the 14 men from Mexico to Wisconsin farms, where they worked from July to November, 2016.  Those indicted are: Saul Garcia, Saul Garcia, Jr., Daniel Garcia, Consuelo Garcia, and Maria Remedios Garcia-Olalde.  They face several charges, including forced labor and human trafficking.  The indictment alleges the men were forbidden from travelling and had their documents seized.  The victims were not identified and their current status is not mentioned in the complaint.