Farmers Looking

Farmers gathered in Marshfield with U.W. extension and the Job Center to talk about a future beyond the farm.

Farms are closing across the state and saturated fields in 2019 pushed some farmers to the brink

Heather Schlesser from U.W. Extension said, “I had been getting phone calls from farmers that were struggling or having a hard time and didn’t know where to go or what to do.”

Some farmers are having to leave the business, temporarily. Carl Flaig recently took on a part-time job for UPS. “The first job I’ve had off a farm,” he said.

Flaig went to the job center to put a resume together for the first time. He’s one of many looking to move outside of the industry, in order to keep his farm afloat long-term.

“It’s the land, it’s the building, it’s the animals,” said Schlesser. “They all are routed in the entity and the being of the farmer.”