Positive case of COVID-19 has been confirmed with a member of our Clubhouse childcare staff.  The students and staff who interacted closely with this individual within the District are being identified. The f individual who has tested positive has been excluded from school. This individual will remain excluded from I school until they no longer pose a health risk to others.

The School District of Amery Clubhouse childcare facility remains open.

Close contacts, as determined by District staff and the Polk County health department, are being identified and excluded from school for 14 days from the last date they were exposed to the positive individual. Those who were in close contact will be monitored for COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID-19 is a virus which can potentially be easily and unnoticeably spread from person to person. It is very important for all students, family members, and staff members to closely watch for symptoms that are outside of a person’s ‘normal.’ Those individuals with symptoms are required to stay at home away from school. If your child(ren) is experiencing symptoms, please contact your medical provider and the school your child(ren) attend.