Amery City Council Meeting Highlights Of July 10

The Amery City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, July tenth, at the Amery City Hall.  City Administrator, Kim Moore, noted that there are six candidates interested in the Management Analyst position.  Moore also reported thta they have been working on a contract with the police union.  Police Chief Tom Marson reported that his department has been more pro-active in seeking voluntary compliance with junk vehicles.  Director of Public Works, Bones McCarty, reported that a fire hydrant –that they think had been leaking since January, had been repaired; a water service break was fixed; and an ADA-compliant dock was installed at the boat landing; work continues on sewer inspection and flushing, street painting, and paving and chip-seaking.  McCarty reiterated he request that City residents and businesses conserve water because the Number Three Well is still off-line while its pump motor is being repaired and encrusted iron is removed from the pump pipes. The Clerk-Treasurer, Patty Bjorklund, reported there were no objections at the Board of Review on June 26th; Barb Zempel, the City Assessor, will not renew her contract with the City after that contract ends on December 31st; and a contract for a new Building Inspector is being prepared.  Twelve portions of the City legal code were approved for revision: mostly of an editorial nature. Discussion about the speed limit on school grounds was referred to the Public Safety Committee.  Rick Davis’ letter of resignation from the City Council after 27 years of service was read and his resignation approved.  Mayor Paul Isakson mentioned that three persons have expressed an interest in serving in that aldermanic seat; they will be interviewed and someone will likely be appointed to fill that seat.  A $1.8-million borrowing authority and policy was adopted unanimously. It is hoped that a Community Block Grant will be receive for the Keller Avenue project.         Kyrsten Hughes was appointed to the Library Board for a three-year term.
The Amery City Council went into Closed Session under authority of state statute 19.85c and 19.85e.