Two Wanted For Laundromat & Vending Machines Burglaries

Two unidentified individuals have performed numerous burglaries to laundromat coin machines and vending machines in Polk, Barron, Pierce and St. Croix counties.  Nine to 10 burglaries have been reported between October 12th to Friday, November second.  Law enforcement believe at least two different suspects are responsible for the break-ins, though it is not known if they are working together.

Two vehicles have been identified as of interest in the case, a light blue or silver 4-door sedan and a light brown sedan like a Dodge Stratus or Malibu.  One of the suspects appears to have a black or dark ponytail and uses tape to cover a logo on his baseball-style hat; that person is believed to be between 5’8″- 6’0″ tall.  The second suspect appears to have light brown facial hair and wears a stocking cap with the logo “DC” on it.  That second person may also have a mark, either a birthmark or a bruise, under their right eye.  One of the suspects is also suspected of committing a burglary at a laundromat in Zimmerman, Minnesota.  Anyone with information on the identity of those involved should call the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.