Thorp Plant In Film

The Milk Marketing Board shows more than three billion pounds of cheese are produced every year in Wisconsin, and we have a popular shopping spot for the state’s official dairy product right in our own back yard, and soon it will be garnering even more recognition.

More than 800 pounds of fresh Gouda are made at Marieke Gouda in Thorp every day. The cheese business is owned by a husband and wife combo from some 4,000 away in Holland, who had a passion for dairy farming and ended up in our area.

More than 150 awards have been attributed to the business since it opened 11 years ago, like “Grand Champion of the United States Cheese Contest” in 2013 and “Best Flavored Gouda” at the World Cheese Competition in 2016.

“What we do right now completely exceeded any expectation that we had when we started this adventure,” Penterman said.

Now, they are making their way to the silver screen. Soon, they will be featured at a film festival in Kansas City,  after being discovered by a professor from Luther College in Iowa.

The documentary will feature the company’s cheese making process, from milking their own cows, to the end result, which is ready to be sold after 60 days of aging.

The film is not scheduled to be released in our area yet, but they are hoping it gains enough popularity through screenings that are currently planned in other areas.