Ten year Old Charged With Homicide Of Infant

A 10-year-old girl appeared in Chippewa County Court on Monday, accused of repeatedly stomping on a six-month-old infant, causing his death.  She deeply sobbed throughout the hearing, where she was ordered to be held in a secure detention center.  The girl was charged with first-degree intentional homicide by someone age ten or older, said Chippewa County District Attorney Wade Newell.  The case could later be moved out of adult court and into juvenile court; state law required the matter, at least initially, to be held in adult court, Newell explained. The incident occurred October 30th at a licensed day care in the town of Tilden, northwest of Chippewa Falls.  The house is also a foster home, and the girl resides there as a foster child.  The infant who died was not related to the girl; the infant was there as a client of the day care.