Teenagers Jailed In Wisc. Rapids Home Invasion

Two teenagers have been jailed in the December 19th home invasion and robbery that left a 51-year-old Wisconsin Rapids man hospitalized with a gunshot wound. Pedro Gonzales, age 18, and Jorge Ochoa Junior, age 17, appeared before a judge Tuesday for a probable cause hearing and bond was set at $50,000 cash for each.

Alissa Lafler said her father, 51-year-old Terry Lafler, was in the garage when three men wearing masks kicked in the door of their home and demanded marijuana and cash. She said her father started to come inside the house before one of the men ran outside and shot him in the stomach.

The victims said the intruders, one wearing a Halloween mask and two with bandannas wrapped around their faces, pointed guns at them and threatened to kill them, prosecutors told a judge. Alissa Lafler told investigators one of the suspects “jammed a gun into the top of her head and she heard a click.”

A juvenile told investigators he drove the intruders to the home, waited in the car during the robbery, heard a loud “bang” about 10 or 15 minutes after they entered the home and then they ran toward his car and jumped in.

The third suspect in the robbery has not made a court appearance.