Polk Co. Jail Changing Visitation To Video

The Polk County Jail will be transitioning from in-person inmate visitation to video visitation, according to the Polk County Sheriff.  The transition is scheduled for January 24th.  Video visitation services will be provided by Securus Technologies.  The decision to transition to video visitation was made to provide increased visitation availability and to promote security, order and control of the Jail and Justice Center. Remote video visitation will be available seven days per week, 8am to 10pm for a fee: $9.99 for a twenty minute visit or $15.99 for a forty minute visit.  On-site visitation is also available during select hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; there is no fee for on-site visitation.  It will be necessary to create an on-line account for remote and on-site visitations; on-line accounts can be created at video-visit-anywhere-dot-com.