Manure Spill In NE Wis. Kills Fish

Three-hundred-thousand gallons of manure-contaminated water spilled into a creek in Northeastern Wisconsin.  The spill is believed to have happened late Sunday after a week of heavy rains, combined with a faulty valve at the Phil Roberts farm, which is home to 220 head of cattle.  According to the state Department of Natural Resources, a containment pit overflowed into Silver Creek — a tributary of the larger, Duck Creek.  The manure went down a grassy slope into Silver Creek near the Outagamie and Brown county line, within the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin’s boundaries. James Snitgen is the Water Resources Supervisor for the tribe.  He said the spill has killed fish like minnows, long nose dace and blue gills.  He said the DNR, the two counties, and the tribe are working with the farm to pump out the contaminated water.   Snitgen said the farm will be required to update its valve system.