Isle Royale Wolf Population Reduced To Two

One of four captured wolves the National Park Service brought to Isle Royale in Lake Superior last fall has taken advantage of an ice bridge to return to the mainland.  That reduces the original quartet to two. The only male in the group, was discovered dead in November.  The wolf population on Isle Royale was nearly extinct following years of inbreeding and disease.  An ice bridge formed between Isle Royale and the mainland, and one female wolf took advantage of it on January 31st.  The wolf, fitted with a tracking collar, took a crooked path on the ice to cross the 15 miles between the island and the mainland.  She wound up just north of the Pigeon River near the Minnesota-Canada border, according to the National Park Service.  The Park Service still plans to relocate wolves over the next three to five years and monitor them for the next two decades. In all, the project is expected to cost $2-million, though the project hasn’t yet received final funding approval for 2019, according to the Park Service.