City Council Meets

The Amery City Council met in special session yesterday afternoon to receive the organizational assessment conducted by the Mejorando Group of Glendale, AZ

Patrick Ibarra, co-founder of the group, presented a power point to the council, noting that under current practices:

Due to a number of factors, councilmembers have been actively involved in directing city staff….there is no strategic plan to guide the future…there is a lack of foundation for delivering department services effectively…and other points.

Ibarra outlined several recommendations:

Clarity about expectations, roles and relationships with the new city administrator…..undertake stategic planning…increase investment in professional development organizations…set annual goals…pursue creation of three to five year Technology Master Plan…modify budget request form…includes goals and services in the budget document, and the new administrator should reset the workplace culture.

As he closed his presentation, Ibarra complimented the council for taking a breather before hiring a new administrator.